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Week Eight: Story Characters – The Little Mermaid

Week Eight: Story Characters – The Little Mermaid

December 22, 2014

One of my favourite Disney movies as a kid was The Little Mermaid. I just loved that she could live under water and explore the ocean. As a kid I was in a swimming club for a number of years and it’s still my favourite exercise activity. I actually love swimming so much that when I’m […]

Week Eight: Story Characters – Whitherfang

Week Eight: Story Characters – Whitherfang

December 21, 2014

I’ve been trying to play Dragon Age Origins for almost 5 years now… I guess it’s fairly amazing that I’ve played it all noting the fact that I’ve never actually owned a PS3. So every time the person who’s console I borrowed moved I had to start all over again. This week I finally got past the […]

1st Annual UX Futures Summit – Thanks Rosenfeld!

1st Annual UX Futures Summit – Thanks Rosenfeld!

November 8, 2014

What does the future look like for UX? Wait, what is UX? How do we define UX, how do we measure it, how do we design it? So many questions to discuss at the online UX Futures Summit on November 5, 2014. Leaders in UX, Andy Polaine, Abby Covert, Steve Krug, Nathan Shedroff, Margot Bloomstein, and […]


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I am a freelance web developer and designer based out of Vancouver, Canada. I have been working as a designer since 2009 and have created anything from car wraps and airport signage to user experience and brand identity design. I love to combine my design and development experience to create functional, well-designed web products from start to finish.

When I’m not working I enjoy time spent with my dog, Dexter, keeping up with the latest craft beer trends, or tackling Pinterest’s biggest baking challenge.


“Maggie has a great sense of design and color that have made our project deliverables user-friendly and consequently we have received many compliments. She is quick, responsive and lovely to work with, and I would highly recommend her for a broad spectrum of work.”

– Judith Burgess, Director, Division of Student Affairs University of Victoria (Client of 2 years)

“Maggie has created a unique and beautiful logo for my holistic nutrition business. She took my vision and brought it to life! I will definitely recommend her design services to all of my friends and clients.”


– Shannon Moody, Nourish Heal Glow

“We have worked with Maggie on a number of different design projects and have been extremely happy with her work each time. Her sense of colour and design help us transform our data into beautiful graphics that really speak to our audience. Maggie has a very quick turnaround time and has gone above and beyond to get projects completed successfully for us on many occasions.”

– Kate Vallance, Centre for Addictions Research BC (Client of 3 years)